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1. General Pest Control Service


Pest control is the guideline or the board of an animal groups characterized as a bug any creature, plant or growth that influences unfavorably on human exercises or environment. The human reaction relies upon the significance of the harm done and will go from resilience, through prevention and the executives, to endeavors to destroy the irritation totally. Bug control measures might be proceeded as a component of a coordinated bug the board procedure. we have a systematic process of inspecting and treating the pests at your home or office in the most convenient way as per your requirement and budget. Our general pest control services are available for both residential and commercial property owners in Bangalore. We first identify the pest issues and then choose the best & effective method to deliver the highest quality service. The pest control system include both physical and chemical controls to prevent entry, harborage, and infestation of pests, and it should provide a means to monitor, detect, and eradicate pests. Chemical controls should be applied by a licensed pest-control operator or according to relevant regulations.

2. Termite Control


The termites are fond of dark, humid and moist places, which makes it extremely difficult and impossible to spot them more often. It might be very late before you spot any termite activity in your surroundings on the surface, while it might have done a lot of damage on the back front. It is quite alarming! Which is why it being inevitable to have Termite Inspection done on an urgent basis because we can never find out what damage might have been done before the termites surpassed the termite bait and came on to the surface. It shall be about time you consult a Termite Expert  for the further inspection and investigation.

3. Rodent Control


Rodent is also one of the big problems that our industry facing today. Rodents are mainly small, wild animals like mice, rats, moles and squirrels.They have a significant impact of the climate balance in fields, woodlands and city yards. In any case, in the event that they end up inside your home, they can cause serious harm and can send illnesses to people. To control rodents, they ought to be left disconnected for a couple of days until the rodents are running openly over them. Snares for mice can be teased and set right away. Live snares are less powerful than crush spirit traps on the grounds that most rodents are hesitant to enter the enclosure, and their utilization ought to be deterred.Rat attacks in your home can cause serious medical issues and property harm. We have controlled all assortments of rodents for a really long time and comprehend how to dispense with every one of them securely. In addition to the fact that we masterfully eliminate rodents from your home, we attempt to do it with as little effect upon you as could really be expected. Your family’s wellbeing and security are our top worries.

4.Cockroaches Control


Insect control is method of controlling the population of insects, such as by using chemical, biological, or other means .There are various approaches to controlling bug bothers. One of them is by utilizing synthetic pesticides. For example, Ips sexdentatus, a pine etcher creepy crawly, are killed by showering pine logs with insect spray. The issue with synthetic pesticides (or insect poisons) is the chance of delivering safe strains and in the end become less successful over the long run. One more approach to controlling bugs is by natural control specialists. Natural control is a technique for controlling a gathering of organic entities (for example bugs) with one more arrangement of organic entities (for example regular hunters of the previous). Natural control may utilizes parasitism, predation, or herbivory. In such manner, the regular enemies of bugs are assorted.

We are Keetak Pest Managements,
providing pest control services all around

We work on the principle of providing quality pest control services clubbed with superior customer satisfaction. All our services are performed by highly trained and certified technicians. We have always been technically oriented and our staff ensures that we remain abreast of the latest technological advances.

Benefits of Pest Control


Automation capability.

Pest control is necessary in order to increase your office automation capability .


Reduction of the need for repairs.

The use of professional pest control can help you in reduction of repair needs.


Occupational safety.

Pest control is necessary to protect your office space from unwanted invaders in order to make your office work friendly


Increase in productivity

A pest free environment can provide remarkable results in overall productivity  


What Clients Are Saying

"Keetak is a certified company for pest removal they are people who are highly punctual and have proper skills to pest removal I suffered with termite and cockroach at my home but Thanks to keetak technicians are too good and hard working very good service they provide value for money and timing Relief from termite and all insects Thanks to keetak pest management"

Khushbu Yadav

"I recently took termite service from Keetak Pest Management . The procedure is hassle-free. After placing the order, the HE arrived to my home following all the safety measures and the service delivered is very professional that the drilling of holes, pouring chemical and closing the holes is done very neatly. The chemicals are also odor free and non toxic. It was a pleasant experience taking service from Keetak Pest Management"

Jyoti Bhati

"Took KPM Termite Service, staff was very professional and very digital savvy. I was impressed with Keetak Pest Management and would recommend to others as well. Jha ho Pests Vha KPm is a Best"

Bipin patel

"I m glad to say highly recommend Keetak pest management. Thank you so much for solving my pest problem, your technician team and operation manager are very groom, caring and hygienic. Thank you guys."

Rahul Sharma